Life and Personality Development: Life and Personality Development Coaching can be the most complex coaching theme in the sense that each person is unique. Life is forever an evolving project to which we must always be actively plugged. It must not happen to us. We must make it happen. Life and Personality Coaching assists people to make choices that will make them happy and enjoy their lives. There are no right or wrong answers, though. There are only choices. The coach does not make choices for the client. He/she facilitates the process. Each person is unique, and requires coaching intervention that responds to such uniqueness. The coach assists the clients in reflecting on their own personal values, health, life styles, etc. He may use tools like Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to help the client develops self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management, etc. The coach may also facilitate the insights into personal branding and image building.

Youth Development and Entrepreneurship: Coaching the youth does not mean taking over and running their lives. It is about creating the opportunity for them to engage with themselves and their peers. They are helped to make sense of all the pressures of life. The coach is there to challenge and makes them interested in their development journey.

The youth are the leaders of the future and deserve to be treated like we would treat any candidate of a succession planning in any organization, institution, and company. Their leadership programmes could take a specialist dimension, for example entrepreneurship development. The majority of the youth respond positively to the coaching programmes dedicated to the entrepreneurship development. The entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth are mostly in the technology sector. The 4th Industrial Revolution is the main reason why this is the case. The start-ups in technology by the youth are becoming a norm.

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